Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Menu Planning

Helloooooo, anyone out there still????

Guess if I gave you something to read every once and awhile it would be helpful eh? Truth be told there hasn't been much going on still in our house :(. We cooked Christmas dinner once again, and I honestly think that was the only meal that I cooked for all of December. It took so much out of me with the menu planning, and preparations, and then left overs and clean up, I was just drained! The other few months I am blaming on Hubby. If he didn't work such strange hours at times, and was home for supper, there would be more incentive to cook.

BUT, I am turning over a new leaf right now! At least my budget is. If I menu plan I cook, and if I cook we don't eat out, and if we don't eat out my bank account will thank me and I can get that fancy diaper bag I want. Not that I have ulterior motives or anything.

Tuesday: Deli something or other
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Tofu Parma
Friday: Free for all night
Saturday: Soup
Sunday: Orange & Olive Chicken
Monday: Left overs

Wish me luck!


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