Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Menu Planning

So I am just going to pretend that last week didn't happen. That I didn't leave you all out in the cold with my menu planning. It isn't that I didn't plan things, it is just that for some reason I couldn't find the time to share it with you. And, I am was that one that swore I wouldn't let NaBloPoMo get in the way, oops!

Well if it makes you feel anybetter it wasn't the most exciting week anyway. So don't worry you didn't miss much at all. Plus I will try to make it up this week, with lots of exciting recipes!

Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Filo Salmon
Thursday: Chana Masala
Friday: Left Overs
Saturday: Mac & Cheese Caserole
Sunday: Red Risotto and Steak

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