Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Menu Planning

Well it is going to be an interesting week. My situation at work is kind scary at the moment, requiring longer hours that I normally care to put in. On top of that Hubby is getting the remaining three of hiw wisdom teeth out tonight! I am surewon't have to much of an appetite for the next few days, but I guess we will haveto wait and see for sure.

Yes, those are my excuses for not posting more. I know it is getting to be the same thing week after week. I am sorry!

Wednesday: Italian Turkey Soup (I have quite a substantial amount of turkey in our freezer from the holidays!)
Thursday: Going to the in-laws for supper, my MIL worries to much about her son :)
Friday: I am having a girls night out!
Saturday: Well, Hubby gets to fend for himself again, I have a shopping date with my Mommy :)
Sunday: Slow cooker French dip sandwiches. With these I want to try my hand at some type of homemade bread or rolls, haven't figured out what exactly, but I have time.

Have a good week.

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