Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Menu Planning

I know I am am bad blogger! We have just been going a mile a minute at our house since well before the holidays, and we are just starting to settle back into things. To be completely honest I haven't even bought groceries for the house in almost a month, which of course means I haven't really cooked in sometime. Well aside from our Christmas dinner extraordinaire, which was fantastic! I will share the detail with you all as soon as I get the opportunity, which at this rate does feel like never!

Anyway, Hubby and I will be hitting the grocery store tonight, along with the crowds for 15% off day. Of course that means I need a list, and that means I need a menu, and that means I have to actually do some planning. I need to ease myself back into this cooking thing, so here we go:

Tuesday: East Indian take out, yummy...you can't shop on an empty stomach after all :)
Wednesday: Grilled cheese, probably some recreation of this
Thursday: Soup and Bread
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Ginger-Chili Shrimp
Sunday: Sake Steak
Monday: Leftover

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