Monday, 24 December 2007

Weeknight Dessert


My Hubby has a love for chocolate.

Since we married, I have a love for chocolate.

My daughter has a love for chocolate (I blame genetics).

Consequently we are all on the search for something sweet the moment supper is over. Normally, I try to ignore the craving so my waistline doesn't suffer too much. Hubby will try and fulfil his by eating cereal, something I really don't understand, but Lilly will join him. However, sometimes the cereal doesn't quite fix the problem, but on a weeknight I never feel much like baking something.


At least until now! Thanks to Baking Delights, our house now has a new favorite weeknight dessert. It is so incredibly simple, involving barely anytime in the kitchen, and it tastes wonderful! Thank you Marye, I think I will need to go to the gym more now ;)



C said...

Oh my goodness! Your photos are making my mouth water! LOL!

My Hubby also has a weakness for chocolate. You wouldn't believe how much chocolate he got from my family for Christmas! LOL!

marye said...

it looks great! I am glad you liked it.

Janet said...

I made this last night! Although, the version I made was from one of the low fat cookbooks by the Podleski sisters. It was so freakin' good!!!!