Sunday, 3 February 2008

Ever expaning collection

I love cookbooks! Honestly who doesn't. Even if I don't make any of the recipes out of them for years them bring me so much joy. Curling up on the couch, with a hot cup of tea I love to read through them. I search for inspiration, drool over the photos, and in the case of many read the stories.

I find they are the absolutely perfect gift for just about anyone on my list, and I of course love to receive them too. Quite frankly I am always shocked when my family says they don't know what to get me. It seems so obvious to me that a new cookbook would be perfect. I guess I will have to work on them ;) They are getting better though. For Christmas I did receive a copy of Nigella's Feast. Unfortunately this was the third time I have received this book as a gift. The first from my mother at Christmas a few years back, then from my Hubby for my birthday the year after, and this final time from my brother. It has become a little bit of a joke in the family now :)

I did regretfully exchange the book, as I hate returning Christmas gifts, and acquired myself a copy of Giada's Family Dinners. I am in love with the book! I have just barely started using it, but am very impressed. Easy to follow, simple dishes that make your mouth water. For the moment it is definitely staying on the top of my ever growing pile of FoodNetwork chef cookbooks :)


Mona said...

Yeah, i totally agree with you Christy, i get very surprised too when people wonder what to get for me as a gift!! I love to collect cookbooks i like and wish to have a mini library of favorite cookbooks in my house :-) Congratulations on receiving a new cookbook to your collection!

Brilynn said...

For some reason no one thinks to get me cookbooks either! They say it's because they don't know what I have already.
I've been wanting that Alton Brown one for a while now...