Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Menu Planning

Ahhh, Valentine's Day is this week. Love, romance and most importantly chocolate ;) To be perfectly honest though we aren't really Valentine's day celebrating people. I don't like all the fuss, and just use it as an excuse to make dessert in the middle of the week. My Hubby of course doesn't protest that part at all and sits back and enjoys.

Other than the Hallmark holiday though there isn't much excitement in our home this week. Next week will be totally different though, and there will be big changes in our household family dynamic...stay tune for that one! Consequently simple, but delicious meals, that really require minimal time to prepare are on my list every night this week. I am really looking forward to everything though, and it should be fun.

Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Reuben Sandwiches
Thursday: Chipotle marinated steaks (also marinated in cocoa), asparagus, potatoes and chocolate pots for dessert.
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Tofu and veggie green curry stir fry
Sunday: soup
Monday: Left overs

Have a good week everyone@

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