Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Menu Planning

Leslie over at Definitely not Martha just wrote a fantastic post on freezing meals. I admit this is something I love to do too, but my problem is I never seem to eat it again! They sit for months and months getting more and more freezer burnt by the day. Yucky!

So last night after reading her post; it inspired me to actually clean out my freezer, and start fresh! I am actually ashamed of all the delicious meals that I threw out last night :( There were a few that I was able to salvage a couple, and we will be eating them over the next couple of weeks. Hey it is good for the grocery budget too ;)

Tuesday: Tofu and Eggplant curry (Freezer)
Wednesday: Pizza for Hubby
Thursday: Raspberry-Chipolte sauce (freezer) with pork chops and salad
Friday: Sauteed scallops with a sweetcorn salsa
Saturday: Tofu parma
Sunday: Fried chicken take II
Monday: Left overs

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Nicole said...

This just reminded me that I have some stuffed shells in the freezer that will be perfect for me to pop in the oven for dinner tonight! I probably would have completely forgotten about them if I hadn't read this!