Sunday, 14 October 2007

Menu Planning

I am back, and more that ready too cook! The last two weeks have been nothing but eating out, and quite frankly if I don't set foot into a restaurant for the next six months it will still be too soon!

I am dying at this point to use my new kitchen, for something beside making cream of wheat cereal. I want to slide open one my pot drawers and reach for my pan of choice, without sitting on the floor and removing the entire content of the cabinet. Or, walk over to my pantry and be able to easily spot my ingredients, because everything in no longer crammed into shelves just so it stays put. And yes, it is time that my new kitchen appliances be put to the test!

It is just unfortunate that I still don't have a table in which to serve my creations at...hopefully by next weekend we will have that problem rectified.

Tuesday: Mexican salmon and salad
Wednesday: Asian tuna cakes (I appear to have a multitude of canned tuna...way more that I though...suggestions are more than welcome for recipes) and noodles
Thursday: Chicken curry
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Shrimp Etoufee
Sunday: Pizza

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