Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Menu Day

Seriously where has the week gone! I swear I am sitting here working on this post, blink, and all of a sudden I am doing the one for next week!

Busy is good though, as it keeps us on our toes. This week shall be no exception as between planning a bridal shower, getting ready for my race on Saturday, my mother's friend's wedding party, and normal life I am felling stretched pretty thing.

So with that taken into account we are going for quick and easy dinners this week.

Tuesday: Pizza!
Wednesday: Cedar plank salmon, wild rice and grilled portabello mushrooms (Look familiar? It should that would be the same one from last week that never quite got made)
Thursday: Shrimp and Orzo pasta salad
Friday: This is the east Indian wedding party, should be good food!
Saturday: Fish and Chips
Sunday: Bridal Shower, no dinner tonight
Monday: Night OFF!!

1 comment:

Plank Fish said...

It seems to be like your week would be great with all those scrumptious foods in your menu listing. I suppose, Wednesday’s going to be a great day with that Cedar plank salmon on your dish. Nevertheless, all of the dishes for each day would do be good.