Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Menu Planning

The mission to use as much food from my pantry and freezer over the next few weeks as possible. Why you ask? Well we finally received a possession date for our new house, and I don't really want to move or possibly have to throughout that much food! See I have a bad habit of stock up on food when it is on sale, and freezing left overs a lot!

So the goal is to try and make our way through everything slowly. The good thing is it cuts down my grocery bill quite a bit!

Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Soup (homemade of course)
Thursday: Biryani (cheating on this one, it is from a box)
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: Ham and potatoes - attempt number 2
Monday: Leftovers

Have a good week :)


marye said...

Every tiem i read a menu plan I say..I need to start doing that again!
Tomorrow. :/

Christy said...

Some weeks I really don't want to do it, but it helps stick to my grocery budget too :)