Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Menu Planning

Busy, busy, busy!

I feel like I don't even have a moment to stop and catch my breath at the moment. Yesterday had a lot of big changes happened in my life. It is very exciting and very nerve racking, and does cause me to revert to the one safe place I have. My kitchen of course! I can feel the desire to cook fantabulous meals for Hubby returning. Only problem is now I have to find the time to do so. If only everything could align at the same time!

Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Mushroom soup
Thursday: Grilled steak and asparagus
Left overs
Saturday: Tomato Paella with Chorizo
Sunday: Glazed salmon

Have a good week everyone!

1 comment:

AmandaD said...

Mmmm, as my grandfather used to say, "I'll be right over, sounds delicious."