Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Menu Planning

I have spent hours upon hours today scouring for inspiration. I have searched through the database of Food Network and Epicurious; skimmed the archives of both familiar and unfamiliar blogs yearning for something, anything that peaks my interest. There are some that look incredible, and I become curious about. Then my eye catches the list of ingredients involved and am instantly turned off.

I don’t know what my problem is!

I was finally able to find a few that a felt would be simple enough for me to handle, but sounded delicious as well. I am really hoping this dry spell ends soon. I am suspecting that once I am settled in my new kitchen, and the stress from selling our condo is gone, there might not be this ‘mental’ block’. Hopefully my theory is correct ;)

Tuesday: Pizza (Just to clarify we don’t order pizza all the time, we pick one of from the deli at the supermarket)
Wednesday: Hero Subs
Thursday: Omelets (yes we are having omelets, don’t ask why they just sounded so good)
Friday: Leftovers
90210 marathon at a girlfriends house...Hubby is on his own!
Druken Noodles

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Brilynn said...

Forget the menu planning, I want in on the 90210 marathon!