Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Menu Planning

Two weeks left, until I get to cook in my new kitchen! That means only two weeks left in my current little one :( It has been a good little kitchen. It has seen me through many culinary adventures over the past two years. Some which we remember fondly with mouths watering, and others, well we simply choose not to remember. Together my kitchen and I have travelled the world; Italy, England, Mexico, Thailand, India...the list goes on. Each stop teaching a new lesson, and creating a new memory.

I am definitely a little sad to leave, and going to give my kitchen a good last hurrah!

Tuesday: Steak (missed the menu last week)
Wednesday: Curry night
Thursday: Lilly night - Translation: shake n' bake and broccoli
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Shrimp pasta of some kind
Sunday: Birthday celebration at Nana's house

1 comment:

Karen MEG said...

Yummmmy! What a lovely blog - I'll have to keep coming back to get inspired in my new kitchen.
Have fun in your new digs - and thanks for popping by my blog "home"! :)