Sunday, 23 September 2007

Something new

Today marked a new culinary adventure in our kitchen! Wait that make my kitchen sound like it is normally boring, but it isn't, I swear! I am always trying new things and attempting to recreate and spicy up the old. It is just that this was the first time I have made, and to be honest tasted, paella. Okay maybe that does make me slightly behind, but at least I finally have it checked off my list of things to cook. Let me tell you this though it is definitely something I will be repeating in our kitchen, very soon as we both loved it!

This recipe was apparently the original brain child of Mark Bittman. While it looked wonderful I wasn't too sure if I could get away with a second vegetarian night with Hubby after the mushroom soup, so I was delighted when Nicole tweaked it slightly. With that we were off and running. I was pleasantly surprised at the easy in which this came together. The reason I have never even dreamed of making it before was because I just assumed it was difficult...silly me. I have learn my lesson.

Tomato paella with chorizo sausage:

As I said being a paella virgin, I just used this recipe, you can check it out here.


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