Sunday, 10 June 2007

Come on in.

Welcome to my kitchen. Looking for something tasty to eat? How about a moment to unwind? Well you are in the right place...or at least if you come back you will be.

Now I am not a professionally trained chef. Nor do I pretend to be an expert at cooking or baking. But what I do have is a love of food, both eating and preparing. In my kitchen my husband partakes in the eating, and my 2-year loves to help prepare everything. Unfortunately now my husband can't cook and my daughter is so picky she won't actually eat anything we make...unless it has chocolate in it of course. What a great combination we all are!

For me my kitchen is my retreat. Spending time in there I get to find myself, and rest, relax and unwind...sometimes with the help of a glass of wine in hand.

Hope you all enjoy my kitchen as much as I do.

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