Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Menu Night

Tuesday is grocery day on our house.

I meticulously lay out the menu for the coming week and them armed with my grocery list head out to the store. For the most part we stick to the plan for the week, only with minor deviations. It is really my attempt a control in our somewhat chaotic house.

Now before you all think I am a slacker because of my Friday and Monday nights off let me have a moment to explain. My husband works evening shifts on those days, and isn't home for dinner ever (not something I am to fond of, but unfortunately this wife has yet learned how to control the corporate world). I discovered the hard way that to cook on those night results in copious amounts of food wastage...something that drive me crazy! So instead I take the night off and we eat leftovers. It works for us.

Tuesday: Stuffed peppers Mexican style (courtesy of Leslie over at Definitely not Martha)
Wednesday: We are going out for sushi tonight...going away party fir a very dear friend and I am really not going to complain
Thursday: BBQ steak and asparagus
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Pork stir fry with hot and sour sauce
Sunday: Vegetarian curry
Monday: Night off

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