Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Menu Day

Well once again it is that day of the week. This week's menu posses a little bit of a challenge, as the week is a unusually busy one. Between babysitting, meetings with the bank and a meeting with our new real estate agent, there is not much time left for elaborate kitchen preparations. Oh well doesn't mean we can't have some amazingly, delicious food...just need to be more creative about it, and maybe eat out once.

Tuesday: Chickpea and pesto salad (Babysitting night)
Wednesday: Pizza from the Deli (Bank meeting night)
Thursday: This is Realtor night, noway I am cooking today, we will have to pick something up...I know blasphemous
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Chicken Chasseur and roast potatoes
Sunday: Aw, Shucks (From Eat, Shrink and be Merry: scallop and Alfredo pasta).
Monday: Night off

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