Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Menu Planning

I am feeling very disorganized this week. But that probably has more to do with the current state of my office, and everyone else being on vacation! Oh well, I think I finally have the menu for the week figured out. I am quite sad because I have been instructed by my Realtor to not cook anything with too strong an odor until the condo sells. That means no curries :(

Here we go:

Tuesday: Well it is my anniversary, did you really think I was going to cook tonight ;)
Wednesday: Asparagus Ceviche courtesy of Leslie, our famous foodtv blogger
Thursday: Turk du Soleil, this would be from Eat, Shrink and be Merry of course (Turkey burgers)
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Yakatori beef skewers and marinated veggies
Sunday: Chicken Teriwacky, yup another Eat, Shrink and be Merry
Monday: Night off

Have a good week everyone.

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