Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Menu Planning

I'm very tired today thanks to a certain late night date with Harry Potter. So because of that I feel like being very brief today, no chit-chat for this one.

Oh, and I still have all those wonderful recipes to share, and they are growing bu the minute, but I just can't find the time. It is driving me crazy!

Tuesday: Mother-in-laws house for Brother-in-laws birthday celebration
Wednesday: Polynesian burger. These would be the same ones we were supposed to have last week but never got to!
Thursday: Taste of Edmonton. This I am really excited for, it is an annual event our city, but you will have to tune in after Thursday to hear more about it.
Friday: Friends birthday BBQ
Saturday: Grilled cheese, don't worry they won't be boring at all!
Sunday: Pasta and lazy meat balls.
Monday: Night off!

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