Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Menu Planning

Well here goes my menu for the week. Like I said the only exciting thing you are going to see for some time now :( Oh, I am sooo sad I can't talk about it anymore. Oh and to add insult to injury Hubby has banned my from baking for the next month! He wants to try to shed a few pounds and very kindly requested that I not make anything that will tempt him. How can I not respect his wished. Oh the pain! The only glimmer of hope I have right now is that it is a long weekend coming up!

Tuesday: Stuffed peppers, fresh out of the freezer!
Wednesday: Grill of my Dreams - Marinate pork with grilled peppers and mango (From Eat, Shrink and Be merry, with a title like that how could it not be though)
Thursday: Pasta with meat balls
Friday: Night off
Saturday: Heritage day Festival
Sunday: Cedar plank salmon, wild rice and grilled portabello mushrooms
Monday: Pineapple teriyaki noodles

1 comment:

marye said...

great looking menu! sorry about having to be on baking hiatus. :(