Monday, 30 July 2007

Out of commission

So, our computer is at the doctor at the moment, and it doesn't look too good.

Of course that means all of my pretty pictures are stuck on my camera and I have no way of sharing them with you all. Of course that means I will have an even larger back log of recipes to share, than I have already...should be loads of fun catching up!

So until then about all you are going to get is my weekly menu plans. I know not always the most exciting posts, but what can a girl do.

On fun note, I am hosting a bridal shower in a couple of weeks for a good friend. Now it is going to be a very last minute shower unfortunately, so I don't have a lot of time to prep (Although I am also hoping that fact will keep the number attending on the small side). If anyone has some good appetizers that they would like to share that would be greatly appreciate too :)

Thanks everyone.


marye said...

I just spent a month bloggng from the library computer..I so understand!Hope it is back up and running soon!

Christy said...

Thanks, help to know I am not the only one finding alternative ways to keep going :)